Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not Much

So, I don't have much to blog about since all I've done the last two weeks is either stay with a dog or watch someones children while they left town. Guess I should have taken pictures of the dog or kids to blog about.

Oh but I do have some good news. I found out over the weekend that my Brother Kevin and his new wife Suzie are expecting a baby. That will be 4 grandbabies in '08 for my parentals. Which I believe brings the total to 12 grandkids for them. The first one was born in March the second one is due Aug 6th, mine is due Aug 28th and the last one will be due first week of Dec. My poor Mother is gonna be super busy... LOL She'll go to Rexburg to help my younger sis Rachelle around the 6th of Aug. then come to see me at the end of Aug. Luckily when she comes to me she'll have my older sis Deena with her. Which will be cool cuz Deena has never been out here.

Avery and I are supposed to head to Michigan this week for him to get mutli engine rated but that will all depend on the weather here. If we go I'll make sure to take the camera and blog about it when we return.

Thanks for the wonderful comments on the prego photos. I need to take some now that I'm at 27 1/2 weeks to see if there's much of a difference.