Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1st Anniversary

Yippee! We celebrated our 1 yr anniversary on Nov. 17th. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic to post because I accidentally forgot our camera. The night was super snowy but we decided to go out anyway. Avery surprised me with a sitter and when I got in the car there was a single rose sitting on the passenger seat. Then, he took me to Abuelo's which is a Mexican restuarant that is special to us. It's where we had our first date and it's also where we took our parents the first time we introduced them. While we were at Abuelo's Avery had the hostess bring me a platter with a Jodi Picoult book and another single rose. Jodi Picoult is my favorite author so he made sure to surprise me with one of her books. I loved it! After dinner we decided to go home since the roads were getting pretty bad and we wanted to get the sitter home safely. When I walked into our room to get ready for bed there was another Jodi Picoult book lying on the bed with a single rose. It was awesome! He did a great job for our Anniversary! I love you Avery!


Kylie had a photo shoot awhile back and we just got the pics in the mail so I have to share a few. It was so much fun to get her pics taken and I can't wait to do it again.


Sorry for no updates in like a month! I can really use the excuse of life has been uber crazy. While we were in Utah last month we found out that Avery actually did not get a job he applied for in Kansas. (Long story and most of you probably didn't even know we might move to Kansas so I will spare the details on that) We got back from Utah the 20th of October so that left us 11 days to find and move into a new apartment in Cleveland. Talk about stressful. Luckily we had some friends from church moving to Turks and Caicos for 6 months and offered their home to us while they are gone. The only problem was they weren't leaving until the 10th of Novemeber and we needed to be out by Oct. 31st. Once again, we were blessed by Friends from church who welcomed us into their home (same friends I lived with for two months before Avery and I got married). Avery took a couple days off from work and we packed everything up and moved it all out on Oct. 31st and into the unfinished basement of the home we're living in for 6 months, then moved in with Hegewald's for 10 days.

Now we are in the new place and finally got our computer set up. The deal with living in someone's home while they are gone for 6 months means using all the stuff while ours is in storage (the basement). We of course traded out for our amazing bed but pretty much everything else belongs to them. Oh, but I did have to bring up my lovesac. We will be very spoiled here for sure. It's in a gated community (so I guess we'll be safe) and we have the use of their wall mounted flat screen that is like 90 inches. I'm just very thankful to them for the use of their home while Avery searches for jobs again. Definitely buys us some time not being locked into a contract or anything.

Kylie is growing like a weed and she can't wait to meet the rest of her aunts, uncles and cousins at Christmas! Especially Baby Fiona who makes her debut hopefully sometime next week! Hang in there Suzie - you're almost there!