Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandma Moffat

So as bad as this picture is of Avery and I, I couldn't resist putting a couple of pics of my wonderful Grandma on my blog. She of course looks great in both pics and it's very rare to see her look so happy. I just hope it isn't the last time I see her alive. She really needs to meet my new little one at Christmas.

Avery and I had the opportunity to drive her from Driggs, ID down to my parents house which is about a 5 hour drive. But, in the first 45 minutes from Driggs to Rexburg she was so excited to show us different landmarks that she remembered. You could tell it was bittersweet for her to leave that beautiful valley behind. I of course knew all the landmarks she was pointing out but Avery didn't so it was fun for him to hear them. She showed us where my Grandpa's barber shop was, her childhood winter home, the church went to as a child, her sisters house before she passed away, a few other relatives homes,the Teton Dam and my sister Rachelle's home she just moved out of. For a 91 year old who can't really see anymore I was amazed she remembered where these things were. Love you Grammie!

(I couldn't resist taking this pic of her when she was not paying attention)...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Shower

My amazing friend Emily and my Mother threw me a wonderful Baby Shower at my parents house while we were in Lehi for 1 day. Thanks Mom and Em for the hard work you put into the shower! It was alot of fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone again! While the girls played Avery and my Father went to dinner and had a Guys night out.

Trip Part 2

This is a picture of my Grandma's home she grew up in on her Family's Dry Farm. It's amazing to me that as sad as it looks it's still standing. All my brothers and sisters decided to drive out and see it since it's probably the last time some of us will be out there.

Grandma's house that she moved into when she got married. It's where my Mom and her brothers grew up. My Grandma lives with my parents now so it was time to go through Grandma's things and let all the Moffat Family divide up all her stuff and put the house up for sale.

This is the house my father grew up in.

And lastly my favorite Mountains ever! The Tetons (from the Idaho side)


View of the Tetons from Jackson Hole

Us at West Thumb Geyser Basin

One of the many Buffalo we saw in the park

So we recently returned from our trip out West. It was such a blast to see family and friends again. As soon as we flew into SLC Avery and I picked up my Mom's car that she left us at the airport and drove the 5 hours to Driggs, ID. Along the way we made a couple of stops so I could see a couple friends. The first one was to the Williamson's. We called Steve who was at an auto auction and asked him to see where is wife Kerma was. When he told us she was home Avery and I decided to play a little trick on her. Avery went to the door while I hid behind their gargage and he pretended to be an alarm salesman. It would have worked but he used his real name so after a few minutes she figured out he belonged to me.

After we left Kerma we drove a few hours and then stopped in Firth, ID to see my bestest buddy Heidi-Ho. Also very great to see her, Ryan and the girls. They showed us around the house Ryan has been building. Which Ry-Guy has done a fabulous job with!!! It's awesome!

Later that night we finally ended up in Driggs and were able to visit with some of the Family. My sis Deena, Harley (bro-in-law) and kids came up that night too and then the next Morning Avery and I took of for a day in Yellowstone with them. It was great to see my neices get excited when they saw different animals in the Park. Above are a few pics from Yellowstone

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Okay, yeah I know I've been a blogging slacker. Just been a little busy - I've been house/dog sitting and have not had my own computer to upload my photos to. When I get back from Idaho there will be lots and lots to blog about I promise.

I'm almost at 33 weeks and very much expanding so I promise to post pics next week.