Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kylie and Grandma Moffat

Grandma Moffat loved having Kylie around the house. They took lots of naps together, fought over Grandmas cane frequently and Kylie learned a few new words from her. Kylie now says "Hello", "No", and "no no no" I love that Kylie took such a liking to my Grandma cuz we just don't know how long we will have her around. She's definitely getting worse with age but she really is a crack up.

Kylie sure loved to take her cane away, they played tug-o-war with it a handful of times. Kylie also loved to stand up to her table by the chair and play with the tape recorder and telephone. Grandma Moffat didn't like that much but Kylie sure loved to tease her.

Thanksgiving Point

Through the month of August Thanksgiving Point has $2 Tuesday. Basically, you can get into either Noah's Ark (a fun wadding pool), The Gardens, or the Dinosaur Museum for $2 each. The first Tuesday it was offered we decided to take advantage and head to the Gardens then cool off at Noah's Ark (which we ended up getting into for free). Kylie had a great time riding in her stroller and spending time with her Grandma Fullmer and of course her Aunt Deena and cousins.
The kids

Love this waterfall at The Gardens in the Amphitheater. The picture doesn't do it justice - that's only one of the falls
She was loving this stroller we rented there. We really need to get her a better stroller...

Lagoon for dinner

The same day we went to the Temple Open House we also drove to Lagoon's RV park and had dinner with my brother Heath, Deanah and Family and their friends. My sister Deena, Harley and Family also made the drive up. It was yummy - Heath and Deanah made us Fajitas on their big camping grill. Thanks you guys for the fun evening! Heath and Chet (my nephew) were sword fighting
Kenidee (neice) attempting a picture holding Kylie

Braden, Brenna, Corrin posing for a picture in the camp trailer

Kenidee, Lucee, Braden, Brenna, Corrin, and Kylie

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Kylie and I went to Utah on July 28th to hang out with my family for 3 1/2 weeks. We had a great time. Avery met up with us for 1 week of the trip so he would be with us for the Fullmer family reunion and family pictures.

The last day for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House was August 1st so my parents got tickets so Kylie and I could go. She was an angel through the whole thing but she did find that the Celestial Room had a bit of an echo when she would babble. It was very cute.

Is she not the cutest baby ever...