Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandma Moffat

So as bad as this picture is of Avery and I, I couldn't resist putting a couple of pics of my wonderful Grandma on my blog. She of course looks great in both pics and it's very rare to see her look so happy. I just hope it isn't the last time I see her alive. She really needs to meet my new little one at Christmas.

Avery and I had the opportunity to drive her from Driggs, ID down to my parents house which is about a 5 hour drive. But, in the first 45 minutes from Driggs to Rexburg she was so excited to show us different landmarks that she remembered. You could tell it was bittersweet for her to leave that beautiful valley behind. I of course knew all the landmarks she was pointing out but Avery didn't so it was fun for him to hear them. She showed us where my Grandpa's barber shop was, her childhood winter home, the church went to as a child, her sisters house before she passed away, a few other relatives homes,the Teton Dam and my sister Rachelle's home she just moved out of. For a 91 year old who can't really see anymore I was amazed she remembered where these things were. Love you Grammie!

(I couldn't resist taking this pic of her when she was not paying attention)...