Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still in Ohio

Been awhile since I blogged last but my computer is in Kansas so I really do have an excuse for no updates.  I've been taking lots of pictures so there will be lots to catch up on once we get there.   I have two weeks left in Ohio and it's starting to hit me now.  Lots on my list to do before we go.  One of which is head down to Columbus to see a very dear friend of mine.  Another is go to Kirtland for one last tour...  Watch my old vball team play a game and of course say goodbye to everyone.   Oh and I have to go shop at H & M.  That is very important.  : )

Kylie got sick for the very first time a couple weekends ago and it was awful.  Not having Avery around to help me out was not fun.  Her temp was 103.8 and she was puking and coughing and crying.  I felt so bad for her.  For 48 hours so would only sleep if I was holding her so I of course got zero sleep the whole weekend and come Monday she still was not 100% but we had to go watch the kids anyway.  Needless to say, she ended up getting two of the kids I watch ended up with it at different times last week.   

Easter was fun.  I had a friend from church invite me to her parents house for Easter dinner.  They were loads of and I'm very thankful they let Kylie and I share the Holiday with them.  Then, Kylie and I crashed the Rice's family gathering. The Rices have been my family away from home since I moved back here 5 yrs ago so I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to them.  I will forever be grateful to them for welcoming me into the Fam.  I will miss all of them so much!

Avery is loving his new job but of course wishes his wife and daughter were there with him.  We love and miss him very much and can't wait to be reunited in a couple weeks!