Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kylie's 1st Birthday!!!

My little girl turned 1 on Aug. 27th. Yes I do realize I'm about 2 months late on this but dang, I've been busy. Avery was out of town for her actual birthday so we celebrated on the 26th and just kept it very low key. We made her a cake and had the Caresia's over to help eat it. It's been such a blessing having family nearby. They love Kylie to pieces and she absolutely adores them. These are a few of the things Kylie received for her birthday. The dress (which I love) and maracas' are from the Caresia's.
Kylie loves all her new stuff

This walking toy which turns into a riding toy is from my parents. Kylie loves this thing

another toy from Caresia's. Kylie can put all the shapes in the correct hole and plays with it everyday

This is what a baby looks like after she digs into cake. Kylie loved getting messy. She started to rub the frosting into her legs, it was really funny.

Before she decided to attack her piece of the cake

That's the cake Avery and I made for Kylie. It seriously took forever to make but was so worth it.

Baby Jade's Blessing

Luckily while we were in Utah Deena and Harley blessed Jade. I've been feeling a bit left out on these special days since I chose to move so far away from home... : ) And out of 13 grandkids I have only been to 3 baby blessings (and that includes Jade's). I loved catching up with Harley's side of the Family. It's been years since I've seen them!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Jade in her blessing dress but I did get some pictures of her.
This is how it'll be whenever I have baby #2 although Kylie will be MUCH bigger by then. Oh and just for bragging rights - I made both of the babies hairbows. While I was home I taught Deena and Melanie how to make them and I think we're all addicted to making them now.
Love this picture of these two. My sister has a HUGE mirror in her entryway and Avery was running to it with Kylie and holy cow did she love it!!

Someday this will be us. I have no idea what Kylie's doing here

These are the '08 grandbabies and yes Kylie is the only one not crying. Garrett started it and then I think Kylie crowded both Drew and Fiona a little and made them cry too.

Family Pictures

While in Utah my parents wanted an updated Family picture, which was much needed. The last time we had a Family picture taken Kevin and I were single and I think we had 6 or 7 grandkids and now Kevin and I are finally married and we're up to 14 grandkids.
It was a lot of fun to get dressed up and make a couple of hairbows (one for Jade and one for Kylie). We ended up going across the street from the Mt Timanogos Temple and it ended up being the perfect place. I love how green the background turned out. My parents with all their grandkids - they couldn't love these kids more!
The Fullmer kids with spouses and my parents

The Fullmer Fam

The Kirk Family


More Utah Vacation - Kennecott Copper Mine

So I might be just a little behind on my blog and have a few minutes so decided to start updating again. On August 8th we headed up to Kennecott Copper Mines with my Family to continue with our Family Reunion. What a unique place. Here's a few facts I learned that day:
  • If you stretched out all the roads in the open pit mine, you'd have 500 miles of roadway - enough to reach from Salt Lake City to Denver.
  • The trucks that haul the ore are larger than many houses and weigh more than a jumbo jet. They stand over 23 feet tall and can carry from 255 to 360 tons of rock.
  • The truck driver rides about 18 feet above the ground -- nearly two stories high.
  • The mine is so big, it can be seen by the space shuttle astronauts as they pass over the United States.
My Dad, Harley, Avery and Kylie
One of the very large trucks they use to haul the copper

This is a comparison picture - the tiny white truck is a full size pickup you'd see on public roads

All the grandkids plus Aunt Deena and Uncle Kevin. That is the actual sized tire used on the large trucks

Our little family