Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kylie - First Feeding

It's hard to believe my little girl is now eating rice cereal. I wanted to hold her off for awhile but she gets so mad at us for eating in front of her that I figured she was ready. Plus her whole life she's watched me feed Cali (the 14 month old baby I watch) and I guess Kylie wanted to try eating too. She was a natural. In fact, she'd steal the spoon away from me and feed herself! When I stop feeding her to grab my own bite of food she doesn't appreciate the pause she prefers me to keep feeding her until she thinks she's done. It's very cute. There are a few pictures below for your enjoyment. : )

We can't believe how quickly our precious baby is growing. Just over a month ago Kylie started rolling over. She will roll from her left side but hasn't quite mastered it from her right side. At first she would get mad after she rolled to her belly but now she either rolls back over or cries until we move her back on her backside. It's really cute to watch her as she's getting more mobile.

She's now trying to sit up on her own. She does last a few seconds before toppling over but she's learning. The family I babysit for has a Bumbo chair and she enjoys sitting in there while I feed the other baby and make the older kids meals. That chair is a great invention - it gives the child an opportunity to see their surroundings without feeling strapped in.

One bad habit Kylie has learned recently is screaming at the top of her lungs. She's found her voice and loves to hear it. It's definitely high pitched and tends to hurt your ears after awhile but it's still pretty cute.