Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Kylie had her first experience of Chuck E Cheese and Loved it!! We went with her friend Chase and his Mom Abby. Kylie was so excited to see all the different rides and toys she could play. Ran around and tried out almost all of them. Her favorite rides were Bob the Builder Tractor and a Fire Engine. I let her try out a Skeeball game but since she's still so small she got to cheat and stand on the runner. That didn't do a lot of good cuz she'd only throw it in the first hole which is only 1000 points I think. We both had a great time and definitely will go again and try for more tickets.

Adventures in Babysitting

Somehow I have become the ward/neighborhood/friend babysitter lately. It's not horrible and lets be honest the extra cash has been wonderful. Since the start of the year I have stayed 1 week with a family of 5, 1 night with a family of 3 while #4 was being born, 2 days (no overnighters) this week for a 2 yr old I just met. All while still watching Lily (the very sweet and adorable 18 month old I've been watching for 9 months). It makes me tired just thinking about it and I'm not done. Starting Monday I'll be adding a almost 3 yr old to my regular routine but luckily it's only during the day and I'll be done by Friday. Guess once you've been a Nanny you're always a Nanny! : )

Didn't take any pictures of the other kids I watched but below is the pictures from watching the Halverson Family back in January.

Lovely suburban I sported for a week in January to run 5 kids + Kylie everywhere
This kids really love their baby sister Ruby
Taught 2 of the 5 kids in Primary before I was called to the Presidency