Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Bassinet

We did not end up going to Michigan - not due to weather but because the airport that Avery works at decided they'd give him a good deal for his multi-engine rating. That was interesting to me since they were going to charge over $1K more than this place in Michigan. But whatever it's working out and he'll get his multi-engine so I don't mind.

On Saturday a friend called me letting me know there were a few houses in her neighborhood having garage sales with lots of baby things. She saw a stroller, bassinet, car seats, etc. In her hectic errand running she stopped at one of the houses for me to check out the bassinet. She talked to the guy selling it and apparently they had an oops baby a few years back and that baby was the only one who used it. After hearing it was in good condition I drove down there and picked it up. For $20 I couldn't pass it up. It's dark blue and white with polka dots - so lucky for me it can be used for either a boy or a girl. Now I just need to get everthing else. I did check out the other baby things each house had to offer but they weren't in as great condition but I will keep frequenting the garage sales in the area this summer.
When Avery gets home I will make him take a picture of the belly to share with you all. He works so dang late these days that I keep forgetting to ask him. So I'm sorry...