Thursday, November 11, 2010

Louisburg Cider Mill

Wow it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. Instead of backtracking from summer I'm starting with October. And maybe, just maybe I'll fill in details of summer in later posts.

Conference weekend was the Annual Louisburg Cider Festival so Saturday morning we drove down to Louisburg with our friends Abby & Jonathon who of course have one of Kylies favorite friends named Chase. Neither of us had been there before so it was a quite a unique experience. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast, Apple cider donuts (which were amazing) and the kids got to enjoy a hayride, a silo full of corn kernels, painted tractor tires to play on, a true pumpkin patch and many more activities. Kylie had a great time even though this pictures don't really show it. ha ha

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun with Lily

I've started watching a baby named Lily twice a week. She is such a sweet addition to our routine. She was 9 months when she first came last month and she's been great! She's teaching Kylie how to share toys and to share time with Momma. I'm not sure what Kylie has taught Lily but I hope it's only good things. When I tell Kylie that Lily will be here this morning she looks around and says: "Lily where are you?". We had Lily 4 days this week so when Kylie woke up this morning (we didn't have her today) Kylie was looking around saying "Lily!" "Lily!!". It was very sweet, they are becoming cute friends. Whenever we decide to have another baby I think Kylie will be a big help! Enjoying sippy cups together
Doesn't care much for swings. It was pulling teeth just to get her in for the picture
At least Lily likes it

Walking around Deanna Rose Farmstead
Enjoying books in Kylie's room

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with the cousins and Matt and Tracy came down again. Saturday night we went to a Kansas City T-Bones game which I think they are a AAA league but not sure. We had a great time until the bottom of the 2nd when a T-Bone player hit a homerun and the crowd went crazy and then the fireworks went off. After that Kylie was officially traumatized. She wouldn't stop crying and kept saying over and over: "I sad". Avery took her out and walked her around the park and over to the playground where she calmed down but the second he brought her down the stairs to sit down the sobbing started all over again. So I took my turn and we walked around and hung out by the Bullpen so she could watch the game from the outfield but still she wouldn't calm down. She was like this the whole rest of the game so all 7 of one of us took a turn walking Kylie around to take her mind off the loud sounds. Eventually we left in the 8th inning after 3 1/2 hrs of the game and had to miss the fireworks at the end since that would have put her over the top! Guess we'll wait awhile before the next game or sit in box seats. It's definitely strange behavior since she practically lived at the Royals games last year. playing with cousin Matt's hats

took this picture just before the meltdown saying "CHEESE"


In May my brother and his family rolled into town for a night. My cousins were so gracious to let their family of 5 crash at their house for the night to give them more space. It was a short visit but Kylie couldn't have been more excited to play with her cousins. She ran crazy with them and even gave the kids a tour through cousin Gene's house. Almost every square foot. She feels very at home there.
That night at Caresia's the Adults played Battle of the Sexes and of course the women won! We stayed up late chatting then our little family went home for bed. The next morning we met back over at Caresia's for a yummy breakfast to see my brother and family off. Can't wait for July so Ky can see them all again!
She thinks it's okay to put food down the spout of the sippy cup
pig tails! she now lets me put elastic in her hair but still no hairbows
cousins Lincoln, Sammie and Garrett with Kylie
Brett, Melanie, me, Marjean, Gene, Courtney, Avery and backside of Kylie. Lincoln took the picture for us
Loved seeing Family
Avery found this bike stroller on craigslist so he can take Kylie with him on rides which she loves
Who needs to slide down when you can RUN!!!

What we've been up to: April

April feels so long ago but since I'm behind I need to backup a bit. We moved again - this time across town and not across the country so that was nice. I think this makes move # 4 and we've only been married 2 1/2 yrs. Someday we'll stop moving around and find a more permanent residence.
Avery's parents and sister Sarah stopped for a night while on their way to drop Sarah off at BYU-I. On their way home his parents stayed with us a couple extra days. It was great to spend some time with them as well as see them interact with Kylie. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out and snap pictures! Very dumb!
We had a wonderful Easter Weekend with the cousins. Matt and Tracy came down from Lincoln, NE. The Men went to Priesthood Session Saturday night and the girls went to dinner at Cheddars. Then Sunday we had a delicious Easter dinner and laughed while we sent Kylie on an easter egg hunt. When we went outside for the hunt there was a wild rabbit in the front yard checking out the eggs. It was really cute.

Kylie hasn't quite figured out that Bronze children are not real

Enjoying a day at the Botanical Gardens with Mommy and Daddy

Just after we moved she found my Q-tips - hid behind the bed and quietly pulled them out
Playing with her BFF Chase at Chic-fli-A
Easter Egg Hunt
Checking out her Easter Basket

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kylie's 1st kisses

We've been trying for months to get Kylie to give kisses. She just won't do it. Turns her head and says "NO". A couple weeks ago we had Caresia's over for dinner and on their way out they asked Kylie for a kiss. And this time she did it! She leaned into Courtney and gave her a kiss. We told her to kiss Courtney again and that's how we got this picture. It's so dang cute. Then Gene who Kylie gives the cold shoulder to A LOT asked for a kiss and at first she teased him and then smiled and walked back over to him, leaned in and kissed him. Sadly when she kissed him again my camera was too slow so I missed it. But we all know she kissed him so that's all that matters. Kylie now gives kisses most of the time.

seriously the most precious picture

she's such a tease

Valentine's Death by Chocolate

Most of you know I was (got released today in church since we're moving) the Activites Chairman in my ward. I loved that calling even though I only had it for 8 months. My last Activity was our Valentines and boy was it amazing. We had a progressive dessert night that we called Death by Chocolate. The first house was mini Serendipity frozen hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, and mini cheesecakes. The second house was a chocolate mouse cake with cream puffs. The last house which I was charge of setting up (that's why I only have pics of the last house) we had fondue. It was yummy. The Morris' (who the Phipps live with) opened up their home and let us set up in their basement. Don Morris made these pitchers of water by adding orange slices and one grapefruit. It was the best orange water I have ever tasted. He did a great job. orange water station
dark and milk chocolate fondue, pound cake, rice krispy treats, mini cookies, pretzles, marshmallows, and pineapple

strawberries, bananas and fondue
all the yummy food!

Dinner with the Caresia's

A few weeks ago Caresia's invited us to have dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant named Jalapenos. On Monday's it's half price Tacos so off we went. It was good food and great company. Marjean will hate that I posted her picture but I think Avery looks much worse if you ask me.
Marjean, Courtney, Gene

big girl = drinking out of Daddy's big cup

Fun with the Phipps

Our friends Tiffany and Mike invited us over for dinner last month. He served his mission in Italy and made pasta with aunthentic red sauce. They invited a few couples over to enjoy it with them. We had a great time with them and Kylie really enjoys their daughter Sweet. These two girls kind of have the same look. Pale skin and blonde hair. We joke around saying they're related. In fact, not long after we moved into the ward )when Kylie was bald) Sweet's grandma (whose also in our ward) thought Kylie was Sweet and was tried to take Kylie from Avery. It was really funny. Anyway, Tiffany and Mike live her parents so we were able to enjoy the fun gym in their house. Didn't try the rockwall but maybe some other time.
playin on the floor is so much fun

I've got a little ball player on my hands! I love it!

she would not let go of this ball

Avery still thinks he's got it. Too bad the hoop is lowered

Sweet and Kylie

A Loom

My Mother in law had a few Looms at her home and weaves rugs with them. She made one for us when we got married but while we were staying with them for Christmas I wanted to learn how to make one. So I made one for my kitchen in red, black and white. Unfortuntately, I failed to take the after photo so if you want to see it finished you'll just have to come over. It took me hours to weave it but so worth the time! In fact, I told my Mother in law that I'd like to inherit one of her looms.

The Loom