Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day!

We drove to Ohio this year for Christmas. Kylie did pretty good in the car both ways but on the way home we decided not to drive straight through and stayed the night in Effingham, IL. Being in Ohio was a blast and made me really miss all my friends & family.
We were able to meet with the Hegewald's on my birthday to play Wallyball. What a treat to spend my birthday with such a great Family. They were so great to me while I lived there. The rest of the time was spent with the Kirk's celebrating Christmas and the Annual Kirk Family White Elephant party. We loved seeing Avery's aunts, uncles, cousins, and Grandmother and Charlie. Kylie had a great time being the center of attention.
Our friends Jesse & Kaley came down and spent Christmas with us. We miss you guys!

Grandpa Kirk made these blocks for Kylie and the crate to carrying them in. He is so talented! He also made our kitchen table which is amazing! and if you haven't seen it, you're missing out!

Kylie in her new chair that Daddy made for her (and yes, he even did all the sewing on the cover)

She's not quite sure to make of the tunnel yet

This is one of her favorite toys. It plays music and it blows air to make the balls pop out the top

so excited opening presents but it took her forever to rip into them

Gingerbread Houses

Before we left Utah we had to make Gingerbread houses. Avery was going to be gone the entire month of December so if were having any Christmas together before we left for Ohio then this was it. We had a blast! the finished product

my SIL Melanie making theirs with Sammie and Lincoln

check out that concentration


It's been years since I attended a BYU game. My parents are season ticket holders and when I found out the Y-U game was in Provo this year I staked my claim on that game.

Avery and I were supposed to go with my parents but the morning of the game my Mom got really sick and gave her ticket to Avery's sister Sarah who was staying with us for Thanksgiving.

Kylie was spoiled by G-ma all day while we enjoyed ourselves at the game. We were gone almost 7 hrs which is officially the longest I have ever left her with anyone.

Highlight of the Day: BYU WON!!!!

pregame warmup for both teams

after BYU won LOTS of people ran onto the field
bet that guy in Red was bummed!! ha ha


The Fullmer Family was going to be a small group this year. Only my family and my younger sister with the parents so we invited Avery's brother Matt and his wife Michelle to come down from SLC and his sister Sarah came down from BYU-I. It was a great time had by all. Kylie enjoyed seeing all her aunts and uncles and of course her cousins! the group with my Mom
the group with my Dad
cute treat my Mom made for each place setting
Kylie's favorite place to play at my parents house. She'd play there all day with toys if we'd let her

This picture is to show how curly her hair is getting. We love it!


Kylie got to be a cute little Ballerina for Halloween this year. Mommy wasn't able to go all out this year as her time was consumed planning the ward Trunk or Treat. But Kylie still ended up looking cute and thankfully she won't remember this year anyway. Avery was driving Limo all day so he wasn't able to dress up either. We're gonna have to do best next year! ha ha
Avery is sort of a Limo driver, Kylie the ballerina and me. I cheated this year and bought a cheap shirt at walmart that's supposed to look like your arm is covered in tattoes.

Pumpkin Patch with Friends

The day after we got back from Branson, Kylie and I went to Deana Rose Farmstead to pick out some pumpkins with Abby and Chase. The kids had a great time playing in pool of corn, walking through a corn maze, picking out pumpkins (okay the Moms did that part but the kids had a great time sitting amongst them all). Then, we took the kids up the hill of hay to go down the slide. Kylie and Chase will get more out of it next year I think. Kylie was great in the pool of corn for about 10 seconds then she tried to eat it.

Mommy and Baby loved the slide

fun with a cornstalk

Kylie and Chase


Branson for the Weekend

My parents went to Branson, MO for 10 days with some of my Dad's siblings and since Kansas City is only about 4 hours from Branson our little family and my cousin Gene & his family (who live very close to us) took a road trip to see our parents for a few days. Despite being some of the youngest people in Branson we all had a great time. I made my "older" uncles, my cousins, of course Avery and my Dad ride the go-carts with mearents . We had a blast!

While there we ate great food, spent quality time with family (some I hadn't seen in 15 + yrs), went to two great shows: Chinese acrobats and of course a good old fashion Chuck Wagon dinner & show, went to church, and did a little Amish shopping. Somehow since we moved to Kansas I've been able to see my parents every 2 months and I'm loving it!

Unlce's Myron, Norris, me, Aunt Edna (Gene's Mom), Uncle Gary, my Dad, cousin Gene

Myron, Norris, Edna, Gary, and my Dad (there are 3 more siblings - my dad is youngest of 8 and also the tallest I might add) : )

Gene, Marjean, Jack, Edna, and Courtney (they are our one and only Family in Kansas)

part of the awesome go-cart course we rode

the gang at Olive Garden. of course Kylie just wanted to eat the high chair

Chuck wagon dinner and show fiddling solo

a trip isn't complete without a crying child afraid of a horse rocker