Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun with Lily

I've started watching a baby named Lily twice a week. She is such a sweet addition to our routine. She was 9 months when she first came last month and she's been great! She's teaching Kylie how to share toys and to share time with Momma. I'm not sure what Kylie has taught Lily but I hope it's only good things. When I tell Kylie that Lily will be here this morning she looks around and says: "Lily where are you?". We had Lily 4 days this week so when Kylie woke up this morning (we didn't have her today) Kylie was looking around saying "Lily!" "Lily!!". It was very sweet, they are becoming cute friends. Whenever we decide to have another baby I think Kylie will be a big help! Enjoying sippy cups together
Doesn't care much for swings. It was pulling teeth just to get her in for the picture
At least Lily likes it

Walking around Deanna Rose Farmstead
Enjoying books in Kylie's room

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