Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

Somehow I have become the ward/neighborhood/friend babysitter lately. It's not horrible and lets be honest the extra cash has been wonderful. Since the start of the year I have stayed 1 week with a family of 5, 1 night with a family of 3 while #4 was being born, 2 days (no overnighters) this week for a 2 yr old I just met. All while still watching Lily (the very sweet and adorable 18 month old I've been watching for 9 months). It makes me tired just thinking about it and I'm not done. Starting Monday I'll be adding a almost 3 yr old to my regular routine but luckily it's only during the day and I'll be done by Friday. Guess once you've been a Nanny you're always a Nanny! : )

Didn't take any pictures of the other kids I watched but below is the pictures from watching the Halverson Family back in January.

Lovely suburban I sported for a week in January to run 5 kids + Kylie everywhere
This kids really love their baby sister Ruby
Taught 2 of the 5 kids in Primary before I was called to the Presidency

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