Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend in Nebraska

We headed to Nebraska last weekend for a quick trip to see our friends the Joneses before they leave the country. They were good friends of ours in Cleveland and since he was with the Air Force for Dental School the wanted to try and be stationed of the country. They got their wish and are now headed to England. So excited for them as that will be such an exciting adventure for 3 yrs. Right now he's stationed in Omaha so we had to make a visit before they leave this week. Jenny and I had babies within 2 1/2 weeks of each other so our girls get along really well when their together.
Since it was a quick trip we didn't do much but hang out and relax. While the kids swam in the pool we played some Cornhole and waited for the homemade ice cream to finish. Kylie even let their bird hang out on her arm while we were there. I was shocked she did it and even more surprised she kept her arm out for the bird to stay on.

Remi, Broden, Alissa and Kylie
Alissa and Kylie
I love her face in this picture. A little fear but yet loved it and couldn't get enough

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